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Oct 2, 2016

We are honored to welcome back Ali, as he was previously interviewed for our Featured Culinologist series in March. Next March 2017, Ali Bouzari will be an RCA Conference Keynote Speaker. Right now we would like to help our followers with a chance to win his book, Ingredient: Unveiling the Essential Elements of Food, the #1 new release on Amazon. More details about the giveaway here.

In this inspiring, chef-driven podcast interview co-hosted alongside RCA Student Committee President Philip Saneski, world renown culinary scientist Ali Bouzari talks about the importance of having the lenses of a chef when approaching the bench, how understanding Ingredients gives cooks the "X-ray vision" to fix any culinary problem or make food crispier, and where to contact with him with any food question. Hear more about some of his favorite projects as Co-Founder, CSO of 
Pilot R+D, a northern California-based food innovation research and development company founded by chefs who have built and run R&D labs in some of the world's best restaurants. 

Here are links to his website, and Amazon book page.