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Feb 25, 2017

Research chef Anne-marie Ramo brings her sharp witty humor to the bench as an R&D consultant and took some time to share her story with us.

 Anne-marie started off in the culinary world and has taught cooking classes and written school food menus. After spending years at Aidells sausage perfecting the ultimate BBQ and becoming an expert in how sausages are made, Anne-marie moved back to Seattle and joined the Culinex team. As both a product developer and project manager, Anne-marie was involved in the operations and internship management.

When we recorded the episode, she was working as part of the Culinex team, but she'll soon be heading out on her own. 

Find out why it took years to make the ultimate BBQ and why she doesn't really think she nailed it. Get in touch with Anne-marie at

Check out her coming business at The Emancipated Kitchen

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