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Sep 23, 2017

Dr. Darryl Holliday is hard to miss: he's tall, hilarious, and witty. I met him at the New Orleans Research Chefs Association Conference, and he mentored me as I wrote a curriculum for the first ever CareerLabs presentation at Prepa Tec Los Angeles, an International Baccalaureate public school. Engaging, determined, and unflappable, Darryl is both chef and professor and wears both hats well.

At the most recent Research Chefs Association Awards Ceremony, Darryl is the one who jumped up and pledged to sponsor PeasOnMoss to help keep it running, and his generous announcement encouraged others to pledge as well. Won't you join the sponsorship? Find out at

Get in touch with Darryl at

Plan to attend the 2018 RCA Conference in Savannah, GA. Get details at