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Aug 18, 2018

Research Chef Chris McAdams is a talented voice in the RCA and culinology world. As a writer for various sites, including the RCA student committee's The Culinologist and Culinary Culture's blogs, Chris uses every dining out and experience to share with the readers.

Chris has followed a crazy pathway to his R&D career, from the Air Force, to college, to culinary school, and eventually to Culinary Culture. 

Culinary Culture is a group of passionate research chefs who offer consulting services for food-based businesses. Through trend research, innovative ideation, and unsurpassed industry experience, Culinary Culture delivers imaginative, craveable products that consistently exceed your expectations.

In Part 1 of this 2-part episode, you'll hear Chris' journey and work as a consultant. In part 2, Chris and I discuss this year's Culinary Institute of America World of Flavors and about food cultural appropriation. 

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