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Aug 25, 2018

Research Chef Chris McAdams is a talented voice in the RCA and culinology world and shares his knowledge through Culinary Culture, a consultancy in Austin, Tx. 

Culinary Culture is a group of passionate research chefs who offer consulting services for food-based businesses. Through trend research, innovative ideation, and unsurpassed industry experience, Culinary Culture delivers imaginative, craveable products that consistently exceed your expectations.

In part 2, Chris and I review the 2018 Culinary Institute of America World of Flavors and about food cultural appropriation. We dig into it, because the main theme of the WOF this year was about the immigrant impact on cuisine in America. We started exploring a very, very deep topic, which I feel merits a much longer discussion, and this is an ongoing debate at tables throughout the country. In our excitement to discuss what cultural food trends will sweep the nation, it's vital to keep an awareness to the risks of appearing to appropriate a culture's food in the pursuit and passion of the cuisine. Sound off to me - let's get a discussion going. 

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